The Wendy Wagner Foundation 2020 Winter Creative Award

The Wendy Wagner Foundation for Funding Creativity is a 501(C)(3) with a mission to provide ongoing support to the creative women who impact our lives through their art. The Wendy Wagner Foundation 2020 Winter Creative Award is an unrestricted grant of $2,500 given to one female visual artist within the greater Houston area who demonstrates original expressions of contemporary art.

Award/Grant Overview

•  The Wendy Wagner Foundation Creative Award program was established in 2018 to preserving the spirit, vision and legacy of artist Wendy Wagner.
• Recognizes exceptional talent among women in the field of contemporary art.
Winston Contemporary Art will host an exhibition of the finalists during International Women’s Month. The evening of March 12th, the winner will be announced and the $2500 grant will be presented.

Visit link submit here to see grant details. Please share and most of all, GOOD LUCK creative friends!!

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