Grants and Scholarships Overview

The Wendy Wagner Foundation for Funding Creativity, its grants, and scholarship opportunities are aimed at helping local women artists in Greater Houston by funding women and institutions that support them. Grants are awarded to women exhibitionists at museums and approved events.


Grants are awarded on a project-to-project basis and include curatorial programs at museums, artists, organizations, and other cultural institutions in support of intellectual presentations of contemporary visual arts. Projects may include exhibitions and other organizational programs related to creative mediums. The Wendy Wagner Foundation appreciates the contributions of women artists of all ages and disciplines who demonstrate original, contemporary expressions of visual art.

Grant Application Process

All grant proposals should be emailed in a Word doc to and include the following details:

  • Brief overview (up to three pages) describing the art concept and its presentation needs
  • Project budget that outlines all expenses and rationales
  • Introductions of participating individuals as well as their creative philosophy or outlooks.

Currently, the Wendy Wagner Foundation grant program is primarily focused on supporting women and institutions within the greater Houston area. However, we will make grants outside Houston and beyond for inspirational opportunities. Please include with your application a brief description of the project for which you are seeking funds and the Wendy Wagner Foundation will weigh your proposal then request an application from you, if selected. For further questions, please email us at