Houston Art Scene

Gallery owner APAMA MACKEY has had her hands full this spring. She has been busily working to re-open the Apama Mackey Gallery with an exhibit that focuses on the 2016 presidential election, as well as opening the Museum of Drawing?s inaugural exhibit within the gallery.

Mackey is a self-proclaimed drawing enthusiast: “I just have always adored the pure draftsmanship of drawing – To me, it’s the beginning of everything. Even the beginning of a painting is drawn, if only in the mind.” And with that enthusiasm at the forefront, Mackey set out to set up the Museum of Drawing, or MOD.

THE MOD’s opens its inaugural exhibit from the Panik Collective, curated by Los Angeles gallery director Matt Kennedy, which runs June 11, August 31. The Panik Collective is a team of credentialed painters, sculptors, musicians, mathematicians and curators dedicated to elevating artwork to activism.

Meanwhile, the Apama Mackey Gallery takes on the presidential election with POLL(ITICS) 2016/THE DOCUMENTARY. The exhibit looks at the 2016 election cycle through the eyes of photographers, videogra- phers, painters and print artists, and features a wall of election memo- rabilia, from humorous to absurd.

The Museum of Drawing is located at the Apama Mackey Gallery at 628 East 11th Street, Houston, TX 77008. For more information, visit www.themod.org.