Qwerkys! Colorful Creatures in a Curious World™

QWERKYS™ is a show for children that celebrates talent, creativity and imagination. By drawing on their inner resources, the characters in Qwerkys™ create their own challenges and enjoy their own special triumphs. Kids will watch these funny little imaginary friends making up their unique imaginary stories, and be encouraged to use their own imaginations in turn.

Tootville is your average everyday town, populated by characters called Toots. And TOOTIE© looks like an average Tootville kid, except she has a special talent for imagining all kinds of wild wonderful things. Oh, if only she could make her magical musings come to life.

Enter FUN FACE, Tootie’s© pet Maltese, the cutest puppy you ever saw. But when Fun Face© opens his mouth, a whole world of colors and sound flows out. Fun Face© is the portal to Tootie’s© imagination. And that portal will lead us to the enchanted world of O-Poppida™, where the Qwerkys™ live!

What are Qwerkys™ They are the strange, wonderful characters who become Tootie’s best friends and guide her through this magical world. There’s MISS PRETTY©, who’s very shy but loves to dance; FROGGEE©, a kind of frog who doesn’t hop but floats, and who’s the little brother Tootie© never had: MR. LOOK-AT-ME©, who wants to be the center of attention all the time and usually is; and a host of other wild, whimsical creatures. With Tootie©, they go on all sorts of creative adventures, and learn to express their own hidden talents.

Qwerkys™ shows the value of following your creative impulse. It also encourages kids to look at ordinary things in extraordinary ways. An everyday household object can be the gateway to a whole different, exciting world. An old boot evokes the Wild West; a potted plant is all you need to go on African safari; and a metal pan can send your imagination right into outer space. Anything is possible in O-Poppida™!