Wendy Wagner Foundation for Funding Creativity will present it’s inaugural grant of $1500

  The Wendy Wagner Foundation grant program is primarily focused on supporting women within the greater Houston area and will present it’s inaugural grant of $1500 to one female visual artist residing in the city of Houston. Preserving the spirit, vision and legacy of its professional namesake, the Foundation provides this annual grant to those women … Continue reading Wendy Wagner Foundation for Funding Creativity will present it’s inaugural grant of $1500

Wendy Wagner

A Legacy of Optimism, Imagination, and Love Wendy Wagner was an accomplished, award-winning artist who embraced youthful innocence through her multi-dimensional talents. Known for a variety of whimsical expressions in paint, ceramic, sculpture, and animation, her colorful works of art seemed to come from an imaginative child with amazing technical skills. Inspired by childhood memories, … Continue reading Wendy Wagner

Our Team

Supporting the Ever-Expansive Power of Women Expressionism Inspired by the imaginative and giving spirit of Wendy Wagner, the Wendy Wagner Foundation is a dedicated team of organizers who believe in the transformational power of human expressionism. Through fundraising events and the generosity of community activists, our goal is empowering women artists of all ages and … Continue reading Our Team


Qwerkys! Colorful Creatures in a Curious World™ QWERKYS™ is a show for children that celebrates talent, creativity and imagination. By drawing on their inner resources, the characters in Qwerkys™ create their own challenges and enjoy their own special triumphs. Kids will watch these funny little imaginary friends making up their unique imaginary stories, and be … Continue reading Qwerkys!

Houston Art Scene

Gallery owner APAMA MACKEY has had her hands full this spring. She has been busily working to re-open the Apama Mackey Gallery with an exhibit that focuses on the 2016 presidential election, as well as opening the Museum of Drawing?s inaugural exhibit within the gallery. Mackey is a self-proclaimed drawing enthusiast: “I just have always … Continue reading Houston Art Scene